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Main Contact Information

Council of Ontario Universities  
180 Dundas Street West
Suite 1100
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z8
Tel: 416-979-2165
Fax: 416-979-8635

(within walking distance from Dundas
and St. Patrick subway stations)

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Office of the President

Professor Bonnie M. Patterson, President and Chief Executive Officer, extension 256

Michael Snowdon, Executive Assistant and Communications Advisor, extension 227

Mallory Silver, Administrative Assistant, extension 213

Cindy Robinson, Project Management, extension 216

Secretary to Council

Barbara Hauser, Secretary to Council & Senior Policy Advisor,extension 247

Kathryn White, Council Coordinator & Policy Analyst, extension 206

Sam Fellin, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, extension 200

For council and committee inquiries, please contact Barbara Hauser.

Communications and Public Affairs

Jennifer Grass, Senior Director, extension 261

Wendy McCann, Director, Strategic Communications & Media Relations, extension 233

Vanessa Ciccone, Senior Communications Officer, extension 238

Michael Snowdon, Executive Assistant to the President and Communications Advisor, extension 227

Rachel Gardner, Communications & Public Affairs Officer, extension 254
For media inquiries, please contact Wendy McCann.

For COU publication inquiries, please contact Lisa Krawiec.

Policy and Analysis

Peter Gooch, Senior Director, extension 209

Arlene Levine, Senior Policy Analyst, extension 201

Julia Rabinovich, Senior Policy and Data Analyst, extension 205

Lisa Rae, Senior Policy Analyst, extension 220

Julia Colyar, Senior Policy Analyst, extension 207

Marie Gaudon, Administrative Assistant, extension 204

Cecilia Brain – Senior Policy Analyst, extension 223

Lena Patterson - Policy Analyst, extension 218
For COU facts and figures, please contact Arlene Levine.

Office of Health Sciences

Michelle Cyr, Director, extension 225

Alice Ormiston, Senior Policy Analyst, extension 226

Sharon McNickle, Senior Policy Analyst, extension 249

Sharon Avey, Senior Policy Analyst, extension 257

Celia Hammond, Administrative Assistant, extension 210

Strategic Initiatives

Robbin Tourangeau, Senior Director, extension 270

Dominika Flood, Senior Policy Analyst, extension 203

Kandice Baptiste - Senior Project Coordinator, extension 222

Mary Chaktsiris, Project Coordinator, extension 258

Mallory Silver, Administrative Assistant, extension 213

Brent Bissaillion – Project Assistant, extension 237

Cathie Beevers – Project Assistant, extension 259

Corporate Services

Marina Piao, Executive Director, Corporate Services, extension 214

David Chen, Senior Accountant, extension 232

Meisa Campbell, Staff Accountant, extension 217

Ji Hong Wei, Staff Accountant, extension 211

Okan Korsal
, IT Co-ordinator, extension 248

Edmundo Cruz, IT Assistant, extension 208

Megan Taeuschel, HR Manager, extension 253

Rosetta Bava, Administrative Assistant, extension 236

Alex So, Interim Finance Manager, extension 221

Lisa Krawiec, Senior Policy Analyst, extension 239

Quality Assurance Secretariat 

Donna Woolcott, Executive Director, Quality Assurance, extension 235

Hillary Barron, Manager, Quality Assurance, extension 212

Shevanthi Dissanayake, Coordinator, Quality Assurance, extension 231

For general quality assurance inquiries, please contact Hillary Barron.